A 'Swish' or 'Swishing', is an absolutely fabulous, sustainable trend sweeping London and many other towns and cities across the UK. Swishing is the easy way to update your wardrobe! It’s guilt free shopping with no damage to your bank account and it's great for the environment too. Swishing works like a giant clothes swap: you bring items you no longer wear and exchange them for something new-to-you! It is set up to enable local communities to come together and trade their good quality, clothes, shoes and accessories whilst having a great deal of fun in the process! The events set up by Gallery Valentine are not-for-profit but often have a fund raising or at least, an awareness raising focus. They are always well attended and have a fantastic atmosphere.


In the UK, we just love clothes! The average household owns £4,000 worth of clothing, 30% of which has not been worn in the past year. The estimated value of this unused clothing is around £30 billion. So we think it’s time to start getting some of that value back?


Swishing is a fun and social way of encouraging people to make the most of what they’ve got hanging in their wardrobe, sitting in a drawer or packed away in a box.

While our pockets benefit from Swishing, so do our bins. Textiles make up around 3% of the standard household bin in the UK. On average, each person will produce 70kg of textile waste per year! If we reuse or recycle these items instead we could prevent a whopping 39 million tonnes of carbon!

I like to look for ways to add even more value to these events and there are various local businesses and enterprises in attendance at the event, with free demonstrations, tastings, samples, raffles, and plenty of opportunities to get hands on. Not to mention the odd glass of wine and some nibbles!

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If you are interested in attending the event as a local business or enterprise, running workshops / demos, etc... or volunteering to help with the event before, during or after; serving, sorting, setting up and tidying away, and so on, please get touch using the contact page - I will usually respond within an hour or two, but I always intend to get back to you in less than 48hrs if I'm a bit busier than usual.

What...I hear you say...is a SWISH??!!

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