Sustainability is a term that involves the reduction of your CO2 footprint; it involves everything about how you live: food, clothes, furniture, cars, heating, and so on..... However, I use the term sustainable not only in relation to the environment, which is a critical issue but also in terms of our own well being as residents on this amazing planet. 

We need to ask questions about our whole lifestyle - i.e. Can we keep going like this long term? Does the way we live have more positive than negative impacts on the world around us, the environment, our communities and our families? In order to live a sustainable life effectively, we must be thoughtful and purposeful in our choices and make informed decisions. I've always found the 'little things' to be small but mighty and to have the most long lasting ripples. With that in mind I consider creative thinking as something essential to sustainable living.

Creative activity in and of itself, holds so much value for our well being and mental health and this has been proven time and again through wide ranging research and studies across the globe (see links). Not only that, but creativity is fast becoming the most sought after job skill by employers and I believe it is what sets people apart. Sadly though, many people consider themselves not to be creative at all! This is far to common a myth! Creativity is innate in all of us and can be successfully rediscovered. In many people, it just has not been explored and exploited enough in adulthood and so has dried up and is sitting in the dusty corner or our being like an old seed that has rolled under the kitchen cupboard, just out of reach of the hoover!

All that seed needs is a little soil, water, and sunlight! Before long, it will germinate and grow. It will need to be nurtured to really flourish, but unlike a real plant, creativity never dies, it just lays dormant and waits for an opportunity to grow again and bring joy! Check out my 'Get creative' page to see if there's a workshop that grabs your attention and will help to revive your creativity, enabling you to live a more sustainable life. 

What do we mean by 'sustainability'?

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