These pendants are made with solid Rosewood slices and have a copper spiral inserted in the heart of the wood - this is a double hearted slice - really unusual and stricking! Rosewood is a beautiful hardwood whcih is slow growing, very solid and long lasting. It has a spongey heartwood section which can be easily removed and provides a perfect space to insert the copper. I love using natural materials, they just demonstrate the natural beauty, complexity and yet simplicity of Creation!! Combining materials is also something I really enjoy, the contrast and compliment of 2 distinctly different materials becoming one...


I have used upcycled scrap copper pieces shaped into spirals to fit to each individual slice of Rosewood, which is then polished to sit flush with the surface. The pendant is the finished with Beeswax to enhance and protect its natural beauty. 


Each pendant is mounted with a copper jump ring onto a waxed cotton thonging with an adjustable closure.


The picture that you see is the actual pendant you will recieve. There are other Rosewood pendants for sale too so see my other listings. However, if you have a design idea for a bespoke item you would like to discuss, then please do get in touch as I'm always happy to discuss design ideas!

Double hearted Rosewood and copper pendant


    Made in England

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