This eye catching leaf would make a wonderful gift and one that is completely unique. The simplicity and timelessness of the design makes if suitable to display all year round. They look particularly effective as wall hangings or inside a box frame. As a piece of handmade craftwork it is a one-off, original piece that has its own character and charm. You won't find another the same.


Each leaf is lovingly upcycled from old copper pipe and using traditional metal smithing techniques

The copper has been cut and filed, forged (shaped using heat and compression), texturised and finished. The process involves annealing the copper a number of times to re-soften it and keep it workable. This has the side effect of creating some really beautiful patination on the copper. This particular leaf has been left unpolished to preserve the beautiful patination which resembles the natural appearance of decomposing autumn leaves.

Each leaf is completely unique so the leaf in the picture is the one you will recieve. If you have a particular leaf you would like to have made or a different metal in mind, please do contact me to discuss this and I will do my very best to accomodate your ideas.

Other types of leaves are also available - see product listings

Decadent decorations -Upcycled Copper leaf: Pendunculant Oak


    Made in England

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