It's been a while!

I actually forgot I had a blog on this site if I'm totally honest!! Oooops! I've been so busy setting up and maintaining my handmade jewellery online shop - designing and making new stock. Researching Sustainable lifestyle products to see if I can add new lines to my stock... I've also had a number of bespoke products to make for various clients, which I really enjoy and could easily spend my whole time doing! But most importantly, I've been building my Creative courses and separating the two sides of my business.

Basically, I set up Wild Woodland Workshops last year as an outlet for my woodland workshops and Forest School sessions as they seemed to be the bulk of the courses I was selling - and also because I was told by a marketing guru that I was trying to offer too many things from one place and it was a bit confusing. So I took her advice and began to split what I do into 2 clearer areas, but it's not been as straightforward as I first thought! Don't get me started on Wordpress!!

However, I think I've finally done it and my new website has been live for some time now and even taking bookings!! So, if you have a minute and would like to hop over and see it...just follow this link:

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