Forest School

What is it?

Forest School is based on a rich heritage of outdoor learning going back

at least to the 19th century.  Philosophers, naturalists and educators in

Europe and the UK such as; Wordsworth, Ruskin, Baden Powell, Leslie

Paul (The Woodcraft Folk in 1925), Kurt Hahn (who founded Gordonstone

and was the inspiration for the first outdoor education centres in UK), Susan Isaacs and the Macmillan sisters. The passion and vision of these and others, laid the foundations for what is known today as Forest School. During the 1970s and 80s our education system moved towards a more teacher led /outcome-centred approach and the national curriculum was introduced, mainly in an attempt to improve numeracy and literacy. What emerged from these changes in 1990s, was a growth of ‘alternative’ educational models and it is in this context that Forest School began to grow. See the FSA site for more info.

Forest school is such an amazing and powerful way of giving children freedom and independence, the opportunity to explore and take risks within a managed setting. The benefits are endless and far reaching - the research is just scratching the surface but is already unequivocal in it's recommendation of time spent in nature away from electronic devices and technology, outside in the fresh air and experiencing all weathers and seasons, being immersed in the rich bounty that the natural world has to offer. Not only has regular time spent in nature and in particular, Forest school, shown to be of benefit personally, socially, emotionally, physically, physiologically, and educationally but there are also environmental benefits too. Forest school underpins a greater understanding and enjoyment of nature that can only lead to a higher level of care and respect for our precious environment, which is essential for generations to come.

I am a fully qualified DBS checked Level 3 Forest School Leader. I trained with Earthcraft CIC in Canterbury, over 5 years ago. I would highly recommend them as they are authentic people and passionate about what they do. If you would like to discuss Forest school possibilities with me, please do get in touch using the contact form.


As a freelance Level 3 Forest School Leader, I am able to offer specialised Forest School sessions in either a school setting or outside of school for Home Education or as a recreational activity. I am based in Rochester, and am able to travel to surrounding areas in Kent and Medway.

Please use the contact page or call me directly on: 07446 630409 for more details or to discuss ideas and possibilities. The gallery pages illustrate some of the things I have been part of with regard to Outdoor Ed and Forest School but they barely scratch the surface! Also, see the 

I think nature is wonderful and kids do too!

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